Use the Least Cost Mean Method (LCMM) to solve the transportation problem


  • Assistant teacher Zahraa Qasem Hashim Central Technical University / Administrative Technical College / Baghdad, Iraq



transportation problem, primary solution, lowest average cost (LCMM(


One of the most important problems of linear programming is transportation problems, as it provides a set of networks to transport goods, commodities and other sources to the requesting parties at the lowest cost or time or with the highest profit. Transportation problem models are solved in several ways to obtain the initial basic feasible solution (IBFS) as it is the basic step to obtain The best, and in this research, In this research, a new method was used, which is the Least Cost Mean Method (LCMM), where the method facilitated the process of obtaining initial basic feasible solution with easier mathematical methods and better results compared to other methods. It was applied in the General Company for Food Products, where the total cost of transportation in the company was reduced>




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Assistant teacher Zahraa Qasem Hashim. (2022). Use the Least Cost Mean Method (LCMM) to solve the transportation problem. Economic and Administrative Studies Journal , 1(1), 89–96.




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