The role of the private sector in addressing unemployment in Iraq for the period (2005-2020)


  • Teacher Haider Kazem Nasrallah Al-Tamimi Baghdad University College of Economic Sciences - Accounting Department
  • Tahseen Mahmoud Muthanna Ministry of Planning - Department of Economic and Financial Policies - Iraq



unemployment, developing countries


The problem of unemployment is one of the problems facing economies, whether they are developing or developed, because of its effects on the various economic sectors that are included in the economy. The main reason for these problems is due to a deficiency in the demand for work in absorbing the supply of labor available in the country, most of which are unskilled or inefficient labor, as a result of the population increasing at steady rates, and when developing countries move towards activating the private sector, we notice an increase in unemployment rates As a result of demobilization of large numbers of workers in the public sector as a result of the implementation of privatization programs in developing countries, which are more affected than other countries, and which are trying to implement economic reform mechanisms aimed at reducing the level of internal and external imbalances, attracting foreign capital (direct and indirect) and providing job opportunities For young people in proportion to their capabilities and reducing the public budget deficit in the state, and to implement these measures, it is necessary to legislate laws to facilitate the work of the private sector, in addition to supporting the private sector by setting mechanisms and procedures for the work of the private sector and granting loans and subsidies that stimulate the unemployment, developing countries .




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Teacher Haider Kazem Nasrallah Al-Tamimi, & Tahseen Mahmoud Muthanna. (2022). The role of the private sector in addressing unemployment in Iraq for the period (2005-2020). Economic and Administrative Studies Journal , 1(2), 48–59.




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