The digital reality of the United Arab Emirates in light of technological and informational developments


  • Assistant Prof. Dr. Enas Mohamed Rashid College of Law and Political Science / Iraqi University, Iraq



digital reality, virtual money, informatics


The digital economy is linked to the extent of the development of information and communication technology and the ability of the government to develop plans and strategies that are appropriately employed to achieve its desired goals, as the digital economy is one of the modern economies that require advanced digital infrastructure, e-government, and smart cities. The UAE government has been able to lay the basic building blocks and pillars of public policies in line with its development vision and its ability to adapt to digital transformation with its advantages and capabilities that contribute to attracting foreign direct investment and striving for the UAE to be an incubator for major foreign companies, especially the pioneers in the field of information and communication technology—considering its tendency to adopt digital platforms and applications in all areas and sectors of the state and its official dealings, as well as the government’s announcement to embrace artificial intelligence in the year (2031) in all fields and completely, in the framework of keeping pace with global developments and to have leadership in the areas of innovation, research and development, to achieve transformation The successful digitization of its various economic sectors.




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Assistant Prof. Dr. Enas Mohamed Rashid. (2023). The digital reality of the United Arab Emirates in light of technological and informational developments. Economic and Administrative Studies Journal , 2(2), 1–15.




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