The Effect of Economic Crises on Portfolio for a Sample of Iraqi Banks


  • Saad Hassan Ali Al- Iraqia University / The College of Administration and Economic
  • Anis Bouabid Sousse University – Tunisia
  • Ramzi Farhani Sousse University – Tunisia



economic crises, securities, closing price of banks


The purpose of the research: Most importantly، addressing this issue is useful in enabling economic policymakers to determine the success or failure of policy initiatives adopted by banks. The theoretical framework was the impact of the rentier nature of the Iraqi economy on the effectiveness of the Iraqi private banking sector and the decline in competition in the developmental environment of the economy as a whole، and this made the contribution of the banking sector marginalized in the overall economic activities، and this leads to its impact on economic and financial crises and the inability to develop a clear vision of stable investment portfolios. The findings of the study were that the Iraqi banking sector was greatly affected by the economic crises due to the existence of a correlation between the exchange rate indicators of the study sample banks (which are all of the market value، gross domestic product، international oil prices and economic crises) with the crises that Iraq witnessed during the study period 2010-2020، and here The Iraqi economy is affected by the economic crises along with the performance of the investment portfolios of the Iraqi banks. The study aimed to measure the indicators of the closing price of the Iraqi bank sector during the period (2010-2020). Research practical and social implications come from studying all efficient banks or other financial intermediaries is how to motivate banks to introduce modern and advanced systems within their business systems، by financing businessmen who are seen as having the best opportunities to successfully develop new products and implement innovative production processes، Originality/value of this study comes from identifying that banks become more and better than the past, Here, this is reflected in the soundness of the financial system and then the soundness of the economic system in general، and ultimately leads to an increase in economic growth rates.




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Saad Hassan Ali, Anis Bouabid, & Ramzi Farhani. (2023). The Effect of Economic Crises on Portfolio for a Sample of Iraqi Banks. Economic and Administrative Studies Journal , 2(4), 83–109.




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