Analysis of the phenomena of poverty and unemployment in Iraq, causes and treatments


  • Dr. Ali Jabar AlSaidy * Ibn Khaldoun University College



financial policies, Poverty


This study aims to analyze the phenomena of poverty and unemployment and their impact on society. Countries have been interested in studying these two phenomena and developing the necessary solutions and treatments to reduce them in various countries of the world.

Several factors combined to create the phenomena of poverty and unemployment، including economic، political، and social. The repeated wars that Iraq experienced، in addition to economic sanctions for several years، the confiscation of its wealth، and the destruction of infrastructure، led Iraq back to eras of backwardness and the cessation of the industrial، agricultural، and other productive sectors.

The study concluded that a number of factors، including the wars that Iraq experienced، the economic blockade، the war on Iraq، and the destruction of its infrastructure، contributed to the spread and growth of the phenomena of poverty and unemployment. These factors caused a decline in the economy and a slowdown in economic growth، which was reflected in a decline in per capita income.

The report called for the need to enhance foreign direct investment and develop an attractive environment for foreign capital، which includes facilities and incentives، including reducing taxes، eliminating financial and administrative corruption، and directing it towards non-oil industries.

Encouraging the private sector، providing financial، technical and advisory assistance، and protecting the commodity by imposing high import duties on luxury goods، taking into account the balance of international trade.

Searching for the most effective ways to solve the problem of unemployment and poverty currently available to improve income distribution.




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Dr. Ali Jabar AlSaidy *. (2024). Analysis of the phenomena of poverty and unemployment in Iraq, causes and treatments. Economic and Administrative Studies Journal , 3(2), 159–172.




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