Author Guidelines

This paragraph includes a set of instructions and instructions for the author or researcher in order to facilitate the process of sending scientific research to the journal in the required and correct manner.


A - Guidance related to the technical aspects of the research:


The research sent to the journal must be arranged according to the following:


The first page should include the main title of the research in Arabic and English - the researcher's information - the abstract of the research - the keywords (keywords) - the introduction.


  • The first page must include information about the researcher directly below the research title, organized as follows:


  • The full name of the researcher in Arabic and English (this applies to all researchers participating in the research).
  • Address and job affiliation (the scientific institution or university and the country to which the researcher belongs) in Arabic and English.
  • The date the search was submitted.
  • The e-mail of the researcher and all participating researchers.
  • 2- Abstract: (not exceeding 200 words)
  • 3- Approving the typesetting prepared by the Journal